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Night Trouble in Yellareddyguda

Posted by Girish Krishnan on June 26, 2006

Funny thing happened yesterday. I had earlier mentioned the lack of solitude in our house because of its proximity to motor traffic and of course the presence of a giant TV which seldom gets rest courtesy “the photo guy”. Having been brought up in more peaceful regions, I have always been eager to hide in quieter places of the city. I even go bulk packing to nearby parks on weekends just to get that “Kerala” feeling.

Anyways, what I wanted to tell you guys is that like a nocturnal creature, I eagerly wait for nightfall – only for enjoying the solitude (and not for anything else – u ugly minds!).

And Sunday night 1 O’Clock, that happened. The photographer fell asleep in the sofa and I managed to switch off the TV without waking him up. Perfect – quiet and cool – this is what I like most in my life– la la laaa la….I shall build a house in Munnar some day, and own a tea estate….la la laaa..

Whoo – whoo – whoo —- All of a sudden,breaking the silence of the night a police jeep passes by –, continuously howling like a jack ass!

And that my friends, triggers off a series of unfortunate events. Firstly, the tramps in the area recognize it as the mating call from a famous dog siren and reciprocate strongly. The attraction is so intense that they continue howling for a considerable period of time. This in turn wakes up the photo guy, who upset with himself for not keeping the TV working, switches it on.

Well, things have gone out of control and I give-in to fate.  Good bye – airiness and solitude. We will meet again some other day..Slaaam and zzzzzz..


2 Responses to “Night Trouble in Yellareddyguda”

  1. MMM said

    Funny. Thanks for the addition to your blogroll. One request – could you rename it Manish Madan from Mmadan ? Thanks.

  2. Sure, I have changed it 🙂

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