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Spotlights of the Day – June 19

Posted by Girish Krishnan on June 19, 2006

Here’s the latest penguin book written by one of the losing Miss India finalists. – ”What Would You Do to Save the World?”: Confessions of a Could-Have-Been Beauty Queen – by Ira Trivedi.

Apparently, in the book she mocks at the whole selection process and expresses her shock at seeing (or rather experiencing) the farcicality of the whole event. She expected Bikini clad Mother Theresas at the competition but was disappointed to find some pretentious, female bombs who wore bikinis and had no intentions of going and working for underprivileged people!

She was also irked to see that the participants mugged up answers to anticipatory questions and honed up their acting skills(the ones wherein u r supposed to open your mouth in a perfect circle, close it with both palms crossed, and smell the deo of the next person on the stage) –both of which were part of the training given by the authorities!

Total expectation mismatch – I sincerely feel sorry for Ira – looks like she is the female version of Truman or our own Yugpurush!

Somewhere else a “mundu” clad Mammotty did a walk the talk with one of the NDTV dumbsters, expressing his strong opinion against the preferential treatment given to Hindi movies over non-hindi movies at the IIFA awards. Incidentally NDTV had sent a mallu reporter, just to make that bonding a bit stronger and to get it all out of Mammookka.

Though I agree with him, I support preferential treatment given to hindi movies because Rakhi Sawant acts(?) in only hindi movies – my loyalties would change only if she starting acting(?) in mallu movies!

Of course, the main news of the day was the “Revenge of the Ramadoss”. The progressive politician wants to implement a “No work No Pay” system for the doctors so that the patients are saved the agony of not getting treatment during a strike. He is also making sure that he and our tentative Prime Minister have more (or all) control over AIIMS by appointing a commission to study the mismanagement over there. His publicized reason is that he wants to make AIIMS the best institute in the world and in that scale it isn’t doing that great!

The ends justify the means – and so i believe that the actions are justified if the intentions are sane, but in this case the timing suggest differently.

I just realized that being a doctor eliminates your right to strike almost completely, more so because you lose public support pretty fast. If these white khadi attired well wishers have some amount of equanimity in them, the “No work No pay” system should be extended to all the government jobs which include walk outs/boycotts/disruptions of parliamentary sessions. Extending the argument, leaders of political parties calling for strike should be prosecuted for misusing their power and inflicting heavy economic and social losses to the country. If only I was Bruce Almighty, sigh….


One Response to “Spotlights of the Day – June 19”

  1. Anonymous said

    I read one of the most pathetic book written ever. This girl Ira Trivedi who herself confessed that she wanted to be famous and not be just another face in the crowd, though nothing wrong with this as we all have some aspirations and ambitions in life, but the path she has chosen is seriously not so “cool”. she could not be a beauty queen so she wrote this book which is so amateur and childish, right from the start to end she is bitching about everyone but herself. she is trying to make herslef stand apart from the crowd trying to tell that she was never a part of it but rather some body forced her to be there. The way she criticised other girls hard attempts to look good (after all that is what the contest is all about)so why so much of hue and cry? just because she did not win? If it irked her so much why did she take the semester off and became a part of this? she has written about everybody’s character their life style their language skills and so on so forth.. I really pity her. Ira you must be really hurt which made you write this book bitching about everyone.
    Go get a life and grow up.

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