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Fully Faltoo – Superheroes in India?

Posted by Girish Krishnan on June 16, 2006

In the wake of a few superhero movies getting released in India, I started thinking about what things would make him more authentic and believable to Indians.

First of all, heroes do most of the superhero stunts in India. Rajanikant’s resume (if he is applying for the superhero post) would read something like this

Major Achievements:
–> Achieved target of killing two goondas with one bullet by patented technology that has huge potential in rural India (the barber knife technology)
–> Invented desi storm technology which is of much lower cost as the one practiced in developed countries. This technology just needs a sign from the hero (see Chandramukhi – tamil movie) as compared to the much more energy consuming and seemingly painful X-Men Storm routine.
–> Can run faster than a speeding bullet, and have the ability to catch it
–> I don’t obey Newton’s laws of motion
–> Basic medical care knowledge, surgical procedures using commonly available alcoholic drinks – especially for a bullet wound (refer to Tyaagi – a hindi movie)

Off and on most heroes over here practice superheroism. Notable mentions here would be The lovable Bong Mithunda and Captain Vijaykanth. But undeniably, there are some more things which the superhero can do and the concept might just work in India if he (I mean the superhero) does all his deeds more consistently.
Here’s a feasibility study covering a few points checking if these are possible in India.

Overrall we can conclude that image maintenance for superheroes is more difficult in India than anywhere else as the chances for goof ups are more here. We could still have a sellable Superhero if he over compensates by adding more value on some parameters like the Maa factor and other PR Activities.


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