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Kiss, before it gets too late…

Posted by Girish Krishnan on June 14, 2006

Here’s a really thought provoking topic…

Did Mika kiss Rakhi Sawant or not?

Before delving into specifics, I would like to set the context here.

Hope we all know who these two people are. Mika is the brother of Daler Mehndi and sings like those poor things who demand charity by emitting a particular frequency of sound that is unheard of even in Anu Malik’s music. The only song that ever came close to that was “pardesi pardesi”  which is their trademark even nowadays.

Rakhi Sawant is one of those supposedly “hot or environment friendly” item girls in bollywood who behave hyperactive to compensate for the cold they feel because of the lower amount of clothes they wear. (My goodie goodie Tamil roomie thought that Rakhi Sawant was the name of a festival where people tie raaki in the month of Saawan – So much for cultural deterioration!)

Rakhi supposedly filed a case in a police station against our dude saying that he forcedly kissed her.

Check out some of the media doings which happened after this….

One website does a poll on whether Mika really kissed Rakhi or not?
60% of those idiots who voted say he did, 20% say he didn’t, and the rest 20% say that it was she who kissed him! Now, since a proper kiss has to be mutual how do u figure out who kissed whom

One news channel has a face to face debate arranged where Rakhi, Mika and a common friend are present! All of them debate about this and the channel makes a lot of money because close-up toothpaste exclusively sponsors the event.

Another website has photos of the incident – Click here to view those
It also asks conscience pondering questions like to take a look at a Rakhi photo and swear by the heart if u again feel like molesting that figure?

I have my own couple of questions that need to be answered urgently for the case to be solved..

1) People are usually on a high in parties – either drunk or high on drugs. Shouldn’t there be some kind of leniency allowed in parties? Something like having a tolerance for kisses- say + or – 1 inch from the centre of the cheek?

2)A proper kiss is mutual – how do you figure out who kissed whom. Technically I feel that is a challenge. My take is that we need to find out who enjoyed the kiss more. In this case the parties involved are Mika, Rakhi and the public. Prosecute whoever had the higher amount of satisfaction.

3) Some people have gone on record saying that kisses should be banned in India because it is against the country’s culture. So, people who haven’t kissed as yet, should try that out before a ban comes out. And yeah – make sure to try out the flying kisses too, even they don’t seem to be having a long life in our country.

Philosophically speaking, this event seems to be like a bull run in the stock market. Everyone gains, and the spirits are high. In this case, the media surely gained, the public have a good time hearing all this stuff and the people involved get a lot of limelight!


6 Responses to “Kiss, before it gets too late…”

  1. ezeeactor said

    I dont know who was right or who was wrong, but I believe that we are making too much hue and cry about someones personal issues…

    Just wanted to let u all know that there is one place to find all the videos and images on this incident… click on the following link…

  2. ezeeactor said


  3. Anonymous said

    eda GK, nee oru gulti aayo?

  4. aramki said

    Enna Girish, velaiaya illaiaya?

  5. Revathy said

    Hey Girish,
    Somehow I quite enjoyed your “fully faltu” post :)….guess the fact that I am jobless with lots and lots of time on my hands has a big part to play!!!

    See you in the weekend

  6. Giks said

    hey ezeeactor – i am an ezee-reactor 🙂

    Anonymous – if ur my friend from REC-infy, then call me up to get that answer – else reveal ur identity.

    ramki – i am on a paid browsing assignment 🙂

    Revathy – this was actually intended to be a very serious, thought provoking post! anyways, at least it served some purpose 😦

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