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Wassup Giksa?

Posted by Girish Krishnan on June 12, 2006

Wassup giksa?
Lots of things – new job, new house, new roomies – Currently suffering from acidity, and gulping a lot of bubbling ENO water and chewing gelusil tablets.

What about the job?
Kind of intellectually stimulating, high impact ,strategic thought leadership job which also allows for a lot of networking with high net worth individuals.

Phew – I can make out a lot of faf there – and hmm u r chattin a lot!
Howz the house? Did any setting up?
House is big, 3bhk. Unlike the serene life at ISB or at my house in Kerala, this one is located in a buzzling locality where u r never far from the buzz of a motor vehicle.

Bought a lot of stuff between the three of us to make our den as cozy as possible – TV, fridge, washing machine, sofa set, dining set (both table and vessels), cot, mattresses, broadband connection, wifi set up, speaker system etc.

The latest buy is plants – Can you believe it? Weird but true – We bought a couple of creepers and a red coloured croton and named them after each one of us staying in the den – Nowadays bachelors are more artistic than they ought to be!!

What do you do for food?
Since all three of us are typical curd rice eaters, there is cultural fitment for taste. Hence we end up cooking quite often. Don’t even bother asking about timepass eats – there are tons of crap food that we have accumulated in the big plastic dubbas we got from Big Bazaar specially for this purpose. We have collected a large list of phone numbers of all weirdo food suppliers for other days!

So what’s the way forward?
Work hard, eat hard, gym hard and yeah – search for a like minded iyer mallu amphibian!


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