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The Psychoanalysis of Mr X

Posted by Girish Krishnan on June 8, 2006

Mr X has a special way of driving his vehicle. Some psychoanalysts track its source to the alienation he faced during his lonely childhood. They say that his longing for company is what has caused him to drive with vehicles on either side of his car.

He takes his car into the center of the already messed up multifarious lane traffic to get that secure orgasmic feeling! Definitely Possible! With the helmet made compulsory, u could feel happy with the hope that u r staring at a hidden pretty face inside that suit which comes with a “predator”-ish skull, a couple of gloves, an oxygen cylinder, a few anti depressants and of course a weekly soap magazine, just in case the wait in the traffic gets too long!

And with the Hyderabadi style of road goers, u might even have a cow or a dog as ur neighbour in that long journey that exposes the futility of defining pathways in India and also force u to understand the FM radio jockey better than ur own (definitely not) better half!

Another feature of Mr X is that he plans his driving – He’s a visionary and so he applies his fundaes in real life by scanning the points that are around 150 metres ahead of him and checks for dresses with a white-brown combination. It’s sad that the best psychologists overlook the effects of migration on human life! (

Migration trauma transforms a person especially when you have an outside state registration and the whole RT community stands against ur attempts to be a law abiding citizen. There are too many bribe points in here – from getting a 14day valid NOC before transporting ur vehicle, to unregistering from one state, getting the refund, taking it to the next state and registering it!

A simple yearly road tax payment in the state where u r driving is all that matters to get things on track. But just like the red states where the union “protects” employment & labor, such measures are still seen as deterrents to entrepreneurship as practiced by many gov officials and agents. And so, the system continues to drag and slow this democratic behemoth where the only thing that moves fast through our narrow roads is the minister’s brigade (


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