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More about Dave Barry and me

Posted by Girish Krishnan on June 1, 2006

Inspiration comes thru various things ranging from the momentum transferred by an apple to being forced to sit in a sponsored browsing centre.
Reading Shankar’s forward (also a Dave barry article) made more sense to me especially due to the priming induced by the goodies that came from the employer on the first of this month – what more can one ask for in life? Some articles bring back the fun and frolic even amidst ultra serious business matters (theoretically possible on people who are involved in serious things, right?)

I dug up some more of Dave Barry’s trademark articles. Some people even without that weird sense of humor will find these articles suiting their taste!..Check out if u r among ”them”..I mean among us!
Dave Barry 1 , Dave Barry 2, Dave Barry 3 , Dave Barry 4

Ever seen any of the goofy skits college students present on stage? They are good – But would you pay 100 bucks to see that shit unless ofcourse you gave birth to one of these three – the cast, the crew or the play itself! Well, some idiots do – which is why i ended up watching 36 china town. I can tell you that it would have been better if they had shown 36 Chinese towns and improved our global awareness rather than encourage us waste some more cash in the pretext of munching pop corn watching “curry”naah and “shah”-Id (ID for copying SRK!)  kapoor experimenting onscreen chemistry! (the mms clip was a much better watch, i shud say!
Well, considering the circumstances wherein the only other option was to get destroyed in love – the goofy skit was the only way to make a “memory mark” last sunday.
But, some things are unavoidable – its fate, its fanaa..they catch up with you on time; I mean, this week!


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