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Respite, Time Crunch and the cycle of life!

Posted by Girish Krishnan on May 24, 2006

Finally, i am out of solitude and back with a bang to get engulfed in earthly bondage – Back to enjoy the trivialities of life and imitate the senseless behaviour shown by some living things called human beings on planet earth! There goes the philosopher in me – a claimant of “exhibiting” conscious behaviour juss because this guy was born human – huh – bull#$%@!!

Anyways i am in hyderabad, enjoying the traffic and crowd – Also adding to the feeling is the new job, the new people around me and lots of time crunch! The already famous shopping spree where me and another blogger went about buying (too much) stuff doesnt seem to be ceasing – we have grand plans for this week too!

Speaking about cycles in life (not the BSA slrs!) – I had the privilege of sitting in our own Mr Unpack’s class again. Raju came for a Facilitation skills workshop in my firm and all the newly recruited MBAs got a sneek peak at his brilliance (again!). The discussions were as usual, very interesting and full of controversies and the session also made me realize that my MBTI profile has changed!! Guys, make way for a future Level 5!!


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