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Solitude and Bhakti

Posted by Girish Krishnan on May 5, 2006

This blog was posted when i got a small chance to interact with the outside world – The internet cafe is like a magical corridor – like the ones which are described in He-Man and the masters of the universe!

I am infact enjoying a very calm lifestyle after the 1000 miles/hr ISB MBA marathon – this one is of extreme serenity and solitude. Deep within the natural tranquility of Kerala, my holy ashram (i mean house!) stands alone near a river stream. I am the descendant of a yogi and yogini – my parents who taught science and maths in the nearby gurukuls. Early morning i get up, pluck flowers for their pooja – the mantras soon echo in these corridors of peace!
The journeys to famous temples mark great importance in the life of these yogis and hence i get the chance to share the experience. Traditional lunches served in plantain leaves are a delight especially since they give u a chance to drink (or rather thru multiples licks of ur hand) kheer from the leaf. TV aversion is helping me read quite a lot – luckily newspaper is available in this part of the world!

The magical corridor is closing and i have to return to my ashram – more in the next interaction with the outside world – After all, everything is maya , right?


7 Responses to “Solitude and Bhakti”

  1. Anonymous said

    Good to see you are enjoying the peace and quiet at home… guess its a good wind-down before work…

    So when does work reckon?? U posted in hyd right?

    It was good meeting you at orientation… Unfortunately Sec C did not turn in much of a performance in the sports events and hence, after a great start, we ended up a dismal 4th place in the showdown…

    Anyways… term is heating up… sounds like fun :P..

    Take care…

    Prabhu (Class of ’07)

  2. KR said

    dei wen r u joining?

  3. div_viv said

    Hey, I don’t have your personal mail ID 😦 Nor your home number. Hope you still hv my phone number. Gimme a call before May 25. I’ll be surrendering my card after that.

    PS: I know this sounds like a desparate message from one of his girl admirers, but unfortunately, it is not so.

  4. Giks said

    hey prabhu – Sec C needs to catch up – there are still lots of stuff coming up, so fight back.

    I shall be in Hyd from 14th may – will be coming to ISB – c u then

  5. Giks said

    KR – send me ur number
    I am joining on 15th

  6. Giks said

    div_viv – have sent a mail with details to ur yahoo id
    and thanks for the disclaimer – u almost scared all my fans, now they are atleast recovering…
    u cud ping me at

  7. KR said

    i dont have a number yet. i’m in this useless b’lore city trying to go back to chennai, so will take a connection depending on where i end up–>

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