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Pre-Graduation Trauma

Posted by Girish Krishnan on April 10, 2006

This is one honest confession that me, the author of this blog is making now. I was under depression for a couple of days before graduation! My “extra-long duration” sleep cells were over come by nostalgia and the living creature in me desisted from sleeping as much as possible. My parents were supposed to be here on 6th evening and even that thought didnt help. After sometime many of my friends (who had yet not slipped into this particular mode) started noticing the extra “brood” length of my already long face and started that horrible sympathy wave, which though essential is unwelcome to one’s manliness.

Getting over this pre graduation trauma was tough, especially because the bondings that you have in a B school are a bit more special than the ones you create at your school or undergrad time. Here are people with similar business focus, having fundamental knowledge about various things, more mature and returning to college after few years of work. The result is that most likely you will find definite wavelength matching with many of them, and of course, the makes life tougher for you towards the end irrespective of your previous seperation experiences.

How do you get over it? I dont know if i can generalize this, but i have kind of got over it now and the way to do this is to keep hanging out with ur friends. For the last one month i have been going out for dinner with my pals almost every day and daily hope that the fun keeps going on. Playing helps a lot, the volley ball marathons in ISB start at 10 in the night and continue till 2 or 3am, beyond which also sleeping is tough! Sprains and muscle pains are forgotten during those intensive Baskey matches in the midnight – gosh, I love my team so much, and this is one thing i am going to miss for the rest of my life.

Once the clock hits 2, its time for some movie or comedy or similar crap -you stare at those till you fall asleep. The day dawns early for you, and you run to the breakfast hall to be able to get someone to chat with you. The saga continues throughout the day and you end up being in the main building area most of the time, catching up with your friends and trying to savour as much of the remaining moments in this school as possible! Guess the advice is pretty ineffective as you can already see the depression taking over me at the end of each activity! – the only way to get through it is to go through it – sometimes sadness is cured by being sad…..


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