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Special People

Posted by Girish Krishnan on February 24, 2006

A small milestone along the long winding road; being agnostic about achievements is probably my greatest differentiator. I felt nothing great when i got my first job – my neurons just repeated the feelings this time around. God knows how many people will stick to the first job, last year’s attrition rate was pretty high.

Pardon me if i sound a bit too philosophical, but that is how i am. I got to see many intelligent beings going through the hills and valleys of pulsating human psyche. But there were a few unruffled souls in whom i saw the spark of brilliance shielded by a sea of calm. I know i could have got tense had my placement got delayed, but not these guys…They are extremely confident about themselves and dont mind waiting for the right job. Being able to counter the high placement stress, peer pressure etc with patience and self confidence is no mean deal and i am sure that these champs will do great things in life. I wish them all the very best!!


2 Responses to “Special People”

  1. Anonymous said

    Hi Girish,
    Im belong to the incoming 2007 Class…

    Congrats on ur job offer n ATB.

    Plz share ur interview exp when it suits u.


  2. Giks said

    Thanks and welcome to the ISB fraternity. I shall ensure that u get the interview tips 🙂

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