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The return of the native

Posted by Girish Krishnan on February 5, 2006

Its a long break from blogging and i have become a visitor in my own house. There is critical business to run elsewhere and the analogy is the classic real life story for many of us. An ideal person would not forget his duties, but thats were mortality comes in…You blame it on the frame of mind , and decide to take a break. I now return as a responsible citizen to check out my deserted house, with a promise that i shall get the place intact soon..

The happenings of the real world follow this blog: usually the blog trails the world, but i have seen parallelisms too. I actually visited my house in Kerala two weeks back, and spend a couple of days with my “amma” and “daddy”..weird it is, but i used two different languages to get their attention. A closer friend would immediately spot the big cultural misfit called “me”, who is mid way between two different cultures with a few English garnishes!! Anyways, the greenery of my native place was an awesome experience going from a more industrial but dry city.

I had also the privilege of being in the town where i spent four years of my life, trying to learn things without the typical homely shelter – I am just saying that i visited my college! The cryptic in me will take over this blog if i don’t go to sleep…so for your welfare and mine, i sign off – goosh night!


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