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New year is here – where’s the eve?

Posted by Girish Krishnan on December 30, 2005

Could these be our thoughts??

Too many things happening around and i am in a daze!!.

I feel like a goat blindly following a shepherd, where is all this going?

Eight months of cocooning in an educational institution could be the choice of an escapist. But now is the time to face the real world again, the time to discover oneself, the time to prove one’s mettle, the time to start leading!

Apprehension is normal, i am a fighter too.

Com’on man, get up and prepare- remember Swami Vivekananda’s exhortion from the 9th standard textbook- “Uthisthata Jagratha,praptavaran nibodhata” (Arise,awake and stop not till the goal is reached!!)

This is new year’s eve. Unfortunately you get this day only once in ISB, but i am sure this is going to be memorable. I suddenly feel sad by the thought of leaving this place soon..don’t want the new year to step in 😦

A New year and a new step ahead…a new job, a new goal , new life (l or w?)!!

Someone cool inspired me to write a few lines – Inspiring me could be disastrous sometimes, but this time i guess it was just fine……

New year’s eve is the call of the future,
It’s also the swan song of the present
The future beckons me to dream for it
The present yearns not to part with it.

Time to go to bed, and give rest to “zinda”…Probably my quaddies’ thought – Sannata keh raha hain, kyun zulm seh raha hain!


2 Responses to “New year is here – where’s the eve?”

  1. Giks, I will always Kill U Softly 🙂

    Oh I miss you so much.. Now, there is no one to take care of my IT needs!!!!


  2. Giks said

    Very emotional indeed, i am on the verge of breaking down…

    Shruti, after u left..
    -the ISB Prank Index has come down, much to my disappointment
    -IT performance went up
    -Radio station work is on, where can we get another RJ now?

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