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Lazier than Ever

Posted by Girish Krishnan on December 18, 2005

I dont have words to apologize. Not having time is not enough excuse for not blogging. I am a firm believer that you can always take out time if necessary and i have whiled away too much time in the last two weeks doing nothing! The brighter part of all this is that i did some good stuff too. Contributed my bit for Solstice and Poseidon, and here i am, two weeks older and with no state change (as in 12th std physics)

I have a serious thought for a change…Well, all of us understand that ISB life is hectic and that you really get stretched if you get started on some side business — as in taking part in competitions or organizing some stuff etc. There are a few people who balance these well and really don’t show the pressure at least outside, but majority can’t cop up doing both. Hence some don’t even venture into the troubled territories. Extrapolating this to life is natural for any inquisitive mind and i assume that things are not going to be that different there too. If many people are going to fall within the realms of this hypothesis, then it is really saddening, esp because we are all B-school students and are supposed to set standards in leadership and being all rounders. May be all of us need to ponder over this idea a bit and decide how much of other stuff we need to take up or decide on what kind of job to look out for.

Doing the skit for Solstice was real fun, and i enjoyed every bit of it. Sometimes i think that i am more of a “papparazzi” type than anything else, and that mentality showed out in the skit – making fun of a lot of things in ISB, “a self goal” (i put up the webfilter issue in the public) and of course, trying to end the skit in a diplomatic/feel good note. 🙂


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