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Analysis of a few things

Posted by Girish Krishnan on December 2, 2005

Heres my take on some recent happenings in ISB…

Why did the bid price go over the roof for M&A?
Many people took the 1 point Faf courses last term and got frustrated because of over faffing! Since they couldnt opt for heavy quant stuff, M&A looked a decent option to get back to numbers in a minor way. The heavy wallet of course played a big part!

On the consumer behaviour front, i had promised more practical examples. Here’s one…
Remember the Aamir Khan commercial, “Sar uthake piyo”..Do you know why Coke has come out with this ad?
The pesticide incident created linkages in the long term memory between the word Coke and pesticide. Hence whenever people think of Coke, it is natural to think of pesticides.
Even though people dont believe that there is pesticide in Coke, the thought of the word deters them from buying it. Now, what is the remedy?
Denial will only reinforce this effect. You can try “associative interference” techniques to reverse this. This is achieved by making stronger linkages with Coke than what is existing..try nationalistic feelings, quality standard etc. In due course of time, the older effect goes down because there are a lot more linkages established; the old associations get lost in an embellished associative network!


2 Responses to “Analysis of a few things”

  1. Too much IM… Otherwise good going man…

  2. Anonymous said

    Giks, But Aamir says that Coke – the same stuff around the world (or something to that effect). I get reminded of pesticide when I see that because it reminds me about the different product standards complaint that came during the pesticide issue.–>

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