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Getting into the 50’s

Posted by Girish Krishnan on November 25, 2005

Life at ISB can be compared to our own life and in that scale we are all 50+ now assuming that our average life span is around 80 years. This term was a bit heavy on me as i had to manage the load from 5 subjects + PAEV. I even had to cut down on my play time this term for multiple reasons…lack of partners and being busy myself! I should admit that it has kind of helped me wake up to the fact that post B school life can be really taxing and that we need to be ultra smart & be on thy feet for 24 x 7 x rest of work life!

Yesterday was the “freak out” day when the exams got over but unfortunately we didnt have any good movie to watch at Prasadz. There was a plan to go and play fuzzball which got scrapped due to our own laziness. Anyway we made amends by going “city hopping” in the night and saw a good part of hitech city life in the midnight. It’s amazing how the Hitech city has developed over the recent past. This place was just deserted rocky – good for nothing land a couple of years back and now its a revelation studded with awesome buildings hosting the best minds of the country! We tested out the street side stall food and tea after a long time and it felt great grounding feet firmly in between an elevated B-school life! Overlooked many a time, the cops too are doing a great job when the city sleeps, and even our car got checked thrice yesterday. (now dont tell me that we looked subspicious!). I’ve had a good term break till now but need to get started on my PAEV plan.

Oh yeah, for people who didnt get a chance to study consumer behaviour here’s a funda to apply in real life. This is called Protection Motivation theory and one among the many principles of persuasion. It says that fear appeals are effective when they “really” evoke fear, provide a means to overcome the cause of fear and the recipient feels capable of using these means.
An application of this in English is to take your girlfriend to a horror movie or to a tense sports event to get an increase in romantic behaviour towards you. Feel free to talk to me if you want to know the exact means by which this happens – i mean the behaviour theory side 🙂


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