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Galli Cricket and Quad’s Day Out

Posted by Girish Krishnan on October 21, 2005

Did you know that we have started playing cricket at the SV1-cafe? The rules are similar to the cricket tournament that happened in ISB earlier, but we dont play for runs..existence at the crease is the bigger concern here! I guess you see the real life analogy (..think of study?)!!
Feel free to drop in at the wee hours of an assignment filled eve on a normal ISB day, and u could join the best boys of SV1 playing the most popular game in India!

The residents of “Kutha Villa” (SV1:B21-24) had their quad’s day out yesterday. We dined out at the Waterfront Inn and payed one more visit to Prasadz to watch a movie called “Stealth”. It is a cool movie for all those people who like fighter planes, big explosions , big sci-fi sets and of course, JB.

Yesterday reminded me of the weekend drives which we used to go for when i was working at Ruan. Come friday, we used to rent a car and drive to explore the next city in our target list, hop around that place during the weekend and rush back on sunday evening. Just like over there, yesterday too the one who got to drive received most of the “goals” on the offering!!

This is an assignment packed weekend, time to enjoy the fun!


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