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Are Placements nearing?

Posted by Girish Krishnan on October 20, 2005

Self selection is not a good option for believers of destiny. It makes life difficult for people who still have an umbilical cord existing between commitment and conscience. Let me confess that I am truly facing a sweet and sour situation this term. My long term vision of getting a dual specialization from a B school has been put to test and i am forced to work!

The marketing classes are proving to be a big relief after having to study a host of not “as inspiring” stuff in the last couple of terms. I have enrolled for marketing research and consumer behaviour and the one common word i can think of to describe both the profs is that they are both “cool”. Of course, you don’t get to learn any rocket science from either of the courses but they kind of help to you to analyze things from a grass root level.

“Kutha villa” i.e. my house in ISB, and its four kutha’s are looking out for the biggest “kutha”/”kuthiya” in this area for the naming ceremony of their place. We shall have a ribbon cutting ceremony and a speech calling for the formation of a consortium of all “ISB kutha log” of our batch. “Kutha” according to me is just another mispronounced word originating from the Mallu “kutta” meaning “dear boy”. You see, it’s just a way of showing your love to one another…we exhort all of you to use that word more often! (i mean , between you and your loved ones…need not be used at us, direct!)
P.S. Kutha is a patented trademark of SV1: B21-24 and owes its origin to my quaddie,
Mr Pashu.

How do you receive an important piece of (tense) information when it is bundled with something else, much milder? Along with Term5 comes a gentle buzz about interviews and placements; the awareness is slowly creeping up the veins and we can feel it slowly taking over our senses. Well, one has to get along with life and can’t afford to freak out for long..An opportunity to be part of a B-school like ISB comes once in a lifetime and its hard to see it pass, especially when you are enjoying it. I guess the big difference when you have come back to school is the constant feeling of getting out at some point of time, as compared to the ignorance filled undergrad life. Ignorance is bliss, knowledge kills the fun 😦


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