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Naam Gum Jayeega

Posted by Girish Krishnan on October 16, 2005

The biggest problem i am facing in Term 5 is carrying the name tag around without losing it. Twice it happened that i forgot to pick up the card from my seat and someone had to remind me to take it from there. The outlook-ian world does make people go low in memory 🙂

I had the privilege to savour the initial classes of term 5 in the last two days.Though i want to go slow on criticizing the profs, i cant resist lamenting on the advanced corp fin class. May be the profs also need to go through a detailed Business presentation skills workshop and have a one to one session with Mr Unpack. I see a lot of scope for improvement in them when it comes to communication though I accept that they are leaders in their fields.
My own personal experience says that the most important characteristic that people should build in them is a constant feedback loop which keeps looking out for criticism and tries to constantly improve. It is pretty saddening to observe that many of our well known professors lag behind in this metric and are still carrying basic flaws when it comes to lecturing or handling a class in general.

Coming back to my favourite hot chick of this season, i.e. the climate, the nights are also turning to be absolutely fabulous here in the campus. The yellow street lights and the white footpath lamps create a mystic illusion in the dense fog that has started to accumulate these days. I have a beautiful view of the SV1 frontage from my room and i keep staring at the campus every now and then. I even went out photo-hopping trying to capture some elements of ISB in digits; the best one i could come up with was a fast shutter pic of ISB getting drenched in rain, and as seen from my place..ISB- keep modelling for me!!!


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