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Challenges to Innovation

Posted by Girish Krishnan on October 14, 2005

What better way to spend your term break than paying up a hundred dollars and getting to crack your brain for some dumb competition? Did you know that almost one fourth of ISB is doing the same damn stuff? There is also a paper writing frenzy that has caught our batch. Every duffer on campus is writing a paper and expecting it to earn recognition which can be fit into his or her resume. I thought it was a time consuming thing to come up with a paper, but ISB junta has begun to prove me completely wrong on different counts!!!

Coming back to Innovation Challenge which gobbled up my term break, I would say that it has been a test of patience and the ability to reproduce healthy faf babies. Fafing succeeds where hours of brainstorming flops miserably. Its time to do a pooja of those jargon gurus who have instilled confidence in all of us to deliver the goods when the situation is grim. We finally came up with a impressive list of jargons like “Quintessential metamorphosis”, “Extreme analysis on a MaxiMin Scale”, “The Insight-foresight-hindsight triad” etc which we plugged in to the paper. We are currently working on creating some more triangles and quadrants to further convey some non existent ideas to the judges. The futility of the entire exercise prompts me to conclude that if you can’t innovate you should try to motivate. A confused reader might get motivated by seeing some of these cutting edge faf, and make something worthwhile out of it which was not thought of while writing.

The term break is almost gone now and there is no point repenting over the lost time. Thinking of good things that happened this break, the first thing that comes to mind is the weather. The climate in the campus has been absolutely fabulous with mild drizzles and strong breeze which enhance the greenery around. Its amazing how the same place can switch from being a heaven to a red hot grill….guess it is all in the mind set- keep cool in term 5!!


2 Responses to “Challenges to Innovation”

  1. Anonymous said

    Jikky John!!! Hope you win the innovation challenge and treat the IBM guy who helped you!! Jikky John!!!

  2. Giks said

    Dear Venky, u have been of immense help..Treat assured!!!

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