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What happened at BPS?

Posted by Girish Krishnan on October 10, 2005

Long time ago, i was a non-presenter. Then i was sent to attend a workshop by my previous employer where i was taught body language and the importance of doing actions and expressions while making a presentation. From that point of time i have been shaking my head and doing fast paced karate style hand actions whenever i present.But i recently realised that i have been too sincere a student to have practised them so well that i had acquired exaggerated versions of what was taught to me earlier!!. I was really shocked to see myself jumping around when the first BPS video was shown. First Resln: People can view a calm and composed me from now on.

Instructor imitating an Andhra Guy, wanting to tell us the importance of owning a good accent says – “Wemen rrr dha perrlssu aaf dha worrllddu” and explains that this is the way a localite would say women are pearls of the world.
Student – Madam, u have understood it wrong, his accent was reasonably correct. What he meant to tell you was that “Women are the perils of the world not pearls” …big shouts from all the females of the class — maaro, maaro!!

Instructor: The a/c can be colder, you may remove the blazer till the temperature is further reduced.
Student Action – Remove blazer, tie, watch, shoes, socks, raises his sleeves….hooo this is cool!!.. Next day, of course wearing a half slack is the natural progression 🙂

Takeaways from the course: hmmm, other than a revealing video (not in that sense, u ugly minds!!) which showed that i need to get back to a conscious mode while presenting or talking for that matter, nothing much. Nobody got really bashed up for their pathetic presentation skills, and that was really disappointing for my own sadistic instincts which wanted to badly contribute towards targeted segments (–Do you know that when i was a kid i was so fond of pressing on people’s bleeding wounds —he he he!!)
But frankly, what’s the point of giving goody goody feedbacks and making you feel that you are a champ when the presentation actually had a junk rating?


4 Responses to “What happened at BPS?”

  1. Anonymous said

    The nuttiest blog in town, i love it..don’t doze off again!!!!

  2. Giks said

    Thank you for ur comments, i would feel better if you could leave ur name.

  3. V. said

    Da P* K** Shukru,
    What is “Thendi” doing on my blog? …


  4. Giks said

    Dude, that was just a way of showing affection 🙂 Dont take it serious.

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