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Mein MBA/2 Hogyaa!!

Posted by Girish Krishnan on October 9, 2005

Well, i should be writing in my blog a bit more often, sorry for dozing out for large durations. Times have not been exactly conducive for writing,I was getting squashed with work. For the first time in ISB i was really running short of time, especially in the last two weeks of Term 4.

The exams were good fun. Lots to study, limited you are free to prioritize and pick what you want to study and ignore the rest. I am not sure if i am the only claimant of enlightenment after coming to ISB, but i have completely lost the tension i had on the eve of the exams!!

Term 4 has been the most useful term as far as i am concerned and i have strong reasons for saying that. Involuntary “Faf”-ing is the most potent tool an MBA should have, SAIT has more than helped with that. I simply admire Prof Banker’s Step by Step logic studded articulation which makes you believe things without hard core data..I have adopted him as my role model from now on. GSB made me comfortable with the words i was shaky talking about. eg institutions, fundamentals etc. It has also made me interested in reading long and dense articles, and thinking on those grounds than just leave them at that. MO had lots of interesting articles which i came to know on the eve of the exams; but i read them all and now i am confident of going to an interview asking for a HR role!. IA was good, a slight deviant from the spirit upheld by the other subjects, but was fulfilling in the traditional manner.

The writing part of exams were cool too, irrespective of the result i am expecting!. Three of the exams were almost objective type, and motivated us to have competitions on who would come out of the hall first. We were writing the lower bids on time on the board and the TA – invigilator marked the actual time when we gave the answer paper. For the GSB test, JD “The Grim guy of ISB” won hands down after bidding at 17 mins and finishing the paper at 14.5!!

After the exam, the custom of going for a movie and enjoying a bike ride was followed. I had to watch Salaam Namaste again, but that’s just a small price to pay for being with some awesome company. We had a blast of a time at Prasadz at all three stages- Pre-Movie, during movie and post movie. Hot debates, whistling and shouting at the screen images and of course a group riding back to ISB with a lovely crescent watching them enjoy the cool Hyderabad night..Nothing to beat that last one and i plan do it at least four times before i say good bye to ISB!.


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