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The Half way mark

Posted by Girish Krishnan on October 1, 2005

People are carrying handkerchieves and buckets (uncontrollable tears!!), especially in my section. Even i am feeling a bit skeptical sitting in class alongside people from other sections, and i am surprised at the emotion. Section C has really become like a family for me and even others are feeling the pinch of leaving it. The sentiment was very visible during yesterday’s music competition.

The original animalistic patriotism which was the trademark of SecC was missing in the section for the last some weeks but people made it up by really turning it on at Khemka yesterday. Led by none other than the original “Baasha”, the sec-c team produced super high decibel support notes with consistency throughout the program. The cheering slogans of our leader which sounded like some aboriginal mating cries echoed into the limbic system of the audience and was drilled in by the echoes generated by the rest of the team.

I just came back from the karoake session organized by the SV1 tribesmen. I am feeling happy on being able to deliver a traumatic experience to the few others who were unfortunate enough to be present for the event. For dummies, that just means “I sang”. The cafe in here has started attracting people from far and wide of the campus and its heartening to see many more people around SV1.


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