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Posted by Girish Krishnan on September 20, 2005

The last some days were really hectic, but i am now having a pretty good feeling about what has passed. The Onam celebrations went off fine and i really enjoyed the preparation phase. We had lots of witty moments during the practice sessions and it was a great feeling to be in the midst of some really energetic people. The shopping on the previous day was a greater fun.I realized that my Mallu-Tamil-Hindi language mixture actually went down well with Andhrites. I had gone to Raitu Bazaar and was telling the flower vendors that i needed jasmine garlands with buds and the not the fully bloomed flowers. They somehow thought that i was bargaining for price and immediately reduced Re 1/- per “mooru”!

There was lot of improvisation that happened real time when our skit was going on, but my beard falling off was certainly an accident as opposed to some of the allegations i have been hearing. Shukracharya, i.e. me did get very excited during the play and unknowingly pulled his own big beard in the process of going back to the seat. I really need to applaud the other members of the team for performing so wonderfully at the decider.

I had put in some really freaky stuff in our SAIT presentation today, but we were able to pull it off without too much trouble. There was a “digital signature and encryption techniques” slide which had a picture of a Anglo Sita and Ram who were sending “sandesh” to each other and with Shoorpanaka trying to intercept it. I had also put up a “Pop Quiz” slide, just to imitate Prof Banker! We also pulled the legs of some of our classmates by quoting “devious” examples starring them to explain hacking concepts. Luckily everybody took the pranks in a jovial manner and the presentation went off well.

Suds,my very old friend from REC made our day today by putting together all our (section c) photos and making it into a beautiful movie presentation. Its amazing how fast time has passed by after coming to ISB and in another two weeks there will be no Section C. The whole section has become really close and it is quite painful to imagine it break apart. I dont know if it is apt to think Herman Hesse here, but i am going ahead…”Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go”.


6 Responses to “A Blog of Relief”

  1. Anonymous said

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  2. div_viv said

    It is an exhilerating feeling to see a comment on your blog, but the ballon of extacy is burst when you realize that it is only someone else “fishing for comments”.
    Hey, when I heard u acted with a big beard which fell off, I was reminded of Pat and Mike shows with Green and Purple beards put up by Wodehouse’s characters.
    But am sure a show with Shukracharya in it cannot be a cross-talk comedy 😀
    Y is Section C splitting up? I’m curious

  3. div_viv said

    And, the SAIT presentation(whatever it is) sounds real hilarious. I am surprised the evaluators did not roll on the floor laughing!!!

  4. Giks said

    I guess our skit was good enuff to compare with the SNL or the wodehouse kind of comedies, but in an Indian context. It was very polished as compared to our own REC standards!!
    Our core term is coming to an end after this term (4) and so the sections will be dissolved 🙂

  5. Ram said

    happy birthday dude ….


  6. Giks said

    Thanks for the wishes, Ram!!

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