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The Missing Alums and the Bookworm Consortium

Posted by Girish Krishnan on September 10, 2005

I am convinced that there will be no dearth of topics to write about while you are at ISB. Just have a look at yesterday’s events. A non stop CP which went on for 2 mins and 27 secs set the new record for max CP time at ISB. The record holder is none other than a Section C “tirchi” veteran who has been trying to peak at this for sometime now.

There was a “meet the alums” event yesterday and we were all thrilled to find that two of them turned out on time. We were more impressed since they had decided to work for ISB post graduation and their cute looking kid had all of us wanting to say “goo” to him 🙂
It was anyway a nice socializing experience for all of us because we got to meet a lot of “would be alums” during the occasion!

I am suddenly interested (again!) in carnatic music after yesterday’s amazing sangeetha mela!! The Tam-junta did great to organize a karoake session and as expected some maestros hogged the limelight. The singing couple, Mr funny percussionist and my own dear friend Mr Can’t did a fabulous job and i was taken back a few years time when i had this atmosphere at home!

We also had the “Retro” party in the night and ISB rocked in the 70’s attire. I regret not having worn a more suiting dress on the occasion, but i did some useful photography, catching all the hippies in the act. Earlier, our party organizer had got wild at the “united consortium of bookworms” because of the beginning trickle at the party stalls, but folks soon swarmed in to make it a very memorable event.


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  1. sheila said

    i hear that toos!

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