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Sleep Zone

Posted by Girish Krishnan on September 6, 2005

I am redefining the sleep schedule for this term after attending the first round of classes. There is absolutely no hope of the new coffee machine being able to salvage any pride for me this time. The classes are so sweet and full of faf that concentration levels tend to drop whatever you do. After 6 hours of that treatment yesterday i feel even more tired though i was sleeping through a good part of it.

The MO class reminds me of my mother singing lullaby to me and patting my hair gently when i was a kid. This used to have an incredible effect on me and i used to go to sleep immediately. MO class is probably the result of some great research which causes the same effect on people through the application of behavioural science!! I am not too thrilled with the SAIT class also.How many times will you discuss Walmart and Dell..Its like doing a post mortem on an already dissected corpse which has barely any body parts left to examine! BTW we had the wonderful opportunity to discuss Dell in the PAEV class today. I am really excited to discuss Dell again in tomorrow’s SAIT hair is all standing up by the mere thought of it!!

The IA class is pretty good, but i feel kind of left out in class since the prof doesnt look at me at all while teaching..Its another thing that he doesnt look at anyone for that matter. But impartially speaking, i think he taught well in the first class and even kept us updated on the scores when the India-NZ match was going on!!

Well, i know it doesnt augur well with me being so critical of the classes, but the main reason is that the sleep maniac in me has woken up during the term break! GSB hours are turning out to be really good but today I slept peacefully during the last fifteen minutes of the class. I couldn’t control my sleep in the library also and conked off for an hour today afternoon inside one of the reading rooms!. Anyway,I am hopeful of turning a new leaf and will try to remain awake in class from the very next chance i get for each of these subjects…Jai CP Devi!


2 Responses to “Sleep Zone”

  1. ankur said

    so…when is it that you are actually awake..? when the IA prof is sleeping…and talking at the same time to us…? geek..!

    well..if it makes u feel an good..the only thing i have to say about your blog this time is…ditto…!

  2. Giks said

    dude ~a, i am awake now and doing lots of useful work..have a whole day tomorrow to sleep 🙂

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