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Cold Week

Posted by Girish Krishnan on September 2, 2005

My catching cold and fever is like a festival season. There are two reasons for this analogy. One is that they happen very cyclically and second is that they happen during holidays. Look at this term break itself. I started shivering on the evening of day #1 of the break. In a way i am lucky, you definitely dont want these illnesses to affect you during the actual term. I usually get throat ache bundled with cold and fever and more often than not i get the opportunity to drink “benadril”. It is a pleasure to have a couple of teaspoons of it and be all drowsy, have weird dreams and then fall asleep. Being drowsy for a long time creates the impression that the night (or day) is really long. This lets you really dream long and gives you enough time to achieve something significant at least in that world.

I discovered one more advantage of the ill state i am in. Even though i am the most hated person on campus (courtesy an outlook-dunk reminder) when it comes to dunking, i was spared today because of my cold-fever shields.

There were couple of good activities today..Got to play singles with a really good badminton player after a long time. Obviously I got thrashed, but as Bhagwan said, we all need to (surround ourselves) play with better guys to improve our game..daiii…i will have my revenge!!
Catching a live frog was my main contribution to our team in Beg, borrow, steal. I provided it with a five star accomodation in a well ventilated card board box which originally hosted my mobile charger. Graduation in literature (this is a card game, not the language stuff!!) continued today as we again got together for an hour to play.

Time for another two spoonfuls of i come


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