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Some passion, a snake and the suspects

Posted by Girish Krishnan on September 1, 2005

Though we were asked to write about the “Passion of the christ” and Level 5 and Gandhi, the non availability of a dvd forced us to change our topic a bit.
“How did Christ and Gandhi affect people’s limbic system” was the main point of our LDP assignment. We have over intrepreted some part of Christian and Indian history to suit Mr Unpack’s class discussions and aligned our 13 page write up with it. Just like Level 5 leaders, we feel that the whole student committee should take the credit for any discovery we have made during the process because the whole thing was setup when nobody could give us a dvd on time!!!

My scanning abilities proved their mettle today. You know, i have developed a habit wherein i keep looking around and try to identify as many people and events going on around me. Some jealous people say that i should have been an papparazzi and some orthodox guys tell me that i have become artistic and i am wandering. Though i easily adjusted to the fact that i needed to wear specs because my night vision was turning blurrier by the day after ISB Term 1, it has taken away the zing from my scanner :-(. At times when the extra fitting is missing, i have to rely on specific features or mannerisms of the blurred figure and make a calculated guess.

Today when i was returning from the rec-centre, the streets were poorly lit as a couple of lights were off and my scanner sensed something unusual on the road. It was about 20 feet away and was just a dark patch on the already dark road. My friend, who is being named as “Ghanshu Bhikari” by some Sec-C ians, was psychoanalysing (after effect of the passion!) how his adulthood had taken away his ability to take backhand shots while playing badminton!!. He cited two reasons for this – an overall dimension increase as well as a neo-cortex file delete. While i was emphathising with him, my tube light started glowing and thankfully, the first thing my pessimisstic mind thought of was a snake. A matrimonial site would have started with the following specs tall,dark, handsome 5 feet 10 inches tall, adventure loving, highly sociable….i am sure that was a bloody poisonous snake which had probably swallowed a frog and was resting in peace on the ISB highway !!!!

The only good thing to come out this event is solid proof that SV1 is changing. SV1 has become more civilized than other SVs and i can already see a fairer migration happening. I have great beliefs that our fundamentals are strong and by the end of the year should see junta here on top of the world :-).

I skipped the famous dumb movie which was playing in another SV today for a first time view of “The Usual Suspects”. Luckily the threats of my dear quad mate who was on the verge of giving the crux of the story away didn’t manifest as i expected, and i could enjoy the movie in my own way. The hype around the movie made me suspicious throughout and i could make out who was “the man” just before the ending. Though the movie is excellent, i would rate se7en higher than this one. The fact remains that there is no-one to beat Kevin Spacey in these creepy roles.

I am shocked to find that two precious days have passed and that i have to return to class soon. It makes me realize that we cannot rest for years from now on and that we are already warming up for a marathon race. Its “Uthistatha Jagratha” till the time we all start playing with our grandchildren and are transformed to kids again!


2 Responses to “Some passion, a snake and the suspects”

  1. Sandeep said

    This some really good stuff u are writing up. I don’t know what you are on. But Stay on it..

  2. Giks said

    Thank you for the compliment..I dont have any particular intentions..just putting random thoughts and recording some events–>

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