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Battles and Fighters

Posted by Girish Krishnan on August 30, 2005

A war fought without arms and another waged with cutting edge arms and ammunition…As life has it, the one without weapons always brings lasting peace!

“Bhagwan” at ISB had similar ideas and the Corp Fin exam actually went off fine even without a cheat sheet. Entrepreneurship on the other side was an open book test and though people had packed their desks with all possible weapons to assist them in the fight, it turned to be the biggest dud among all exams we have had till now. I shudder imagining the plight of the TA who ends up evaluating our papers as I myself did not want to have a second look at what I had written! The bearded one did well to give out an appeal to all of us at the beginning of the exam that we don’t try to enlighten him with our worldly knowledge and stick to what was taught in the class. That actually put me in a sympathy mode restricting my writing to cause only moderate pain for the evaluator! I am sure that there were more of these “humane type” ISB-ians who did the same thing.

It’s amazing how a little tear in a friends’ eye can make you incur losses and strive utmost to bring the smile back. At least I sacrificed satiating my sadistic urges and referring to all those googled print outs on Innovators’ dilemma and Discontinuous products just because of MJ’s appeal!

Talking of real fighters, some part of our history says that Mangal Pandey was one of them. Though “1857-The Rising” did not do any justice towards showcasing patriotism, it did justify its title in a totally different context :-). There was quite a sizeable ISB gathering at Prasad’s yesterday and we did have a good overall experience. It started with a heated debate on Mr Unpack’s interpretations of a divine lady returning from the mortal world by means of a glorified earth splitting as committing suicide by jumping from the top of a cliff!. The decibel level rose quite high and we actually got some audience who were eagerly following the views of the future managers of the country!

Coming back to the movie, I think it was a beautiful concept of one man awakening the nation which got made into an uninteresting sleaze show. The last couple of minutes showing the actual footage of our freedom struggle against the British Empire reinforced confidence in me that wars can again be won without a cheat sheet or arms!!

The ride back home was breeze, five bikes in a formation, racing on the empty roads, no worries, just pure satisfaction of becoming 3/8th of an MBA and enjoying college life!!


6 Responses to “Battles and Fighters”

  1. div_viv said

    I dunno how you get time and energy to write long blogs.
    Am yet to read your full blog, but I liked the one abt IAmGreAT 😛

  2. Ram said

    dude, allow anonymous comments!! People “near” and dear to you want to do some “mouth to mouth” publicity about how much they love you.

  3. Giks said

    Hey Ram..ur comment is my order..Didn’t know that this was disabled till now..i shall take immediate steps and let people show their full affection to me.

  4. Ram said

    I feel honored. The great giks will soon find his ****m*t** expressing their heartfelt love and affection for him.

    In the name of ava ava …


  5. ankur said

    damn…i missed the bike ride. i can so totally imagine what an awesome ride it must have been…!!!


  6. Great facts within this post, anime takes up an excessive amount of my personal spare time.

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