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Grade Pills for Sale!

Posted by Girish Krishnan on August 27, 2005

The exams are around 33 hours away and I am dreaming..In my world, the ISB store sells these grade tablets. The A-grade tablets cost 2000 bucks, but the availability is low for each subject. They are extremely bitter to take in, and the after-effects leave you dizzy for the next 48 hours. People start emitting a pungent odour after having it and nobody can bear it for long. The chances of nervous breakdown are also high if you take this pill. You may also develop side-effects such as hair loss, high BP, sinus trouble, hypertension etc. Sometimes you get a milder dosage (350gms) pill which has less severe effects but gets you only an A-.
The B-grade pills are much better, you get a pain in your neck for 10 minutes and you doze off for sometime..thats it..ur grade is guaranteed! No odour, no side-effects, and the pills are available in large numbers and are pretty cheap (50 bucks!). The C-grade pills are an alternative to having a high..They leave you extremely relaxed and the effect lasts for a couple of days. The store usually receives large number of compliments for this one and hence these are available for free!.

I forgot to get my B-tablets today..need to wake up early morning tomorrow and go to the store before the stock gets over..I hope to get one of them for each of the three subjects..Entr has a mysterious pill which comes in a surprise packet. You can get any one of the tablets inside the cover; i prefer to get B..somehow can’t suffer with the A-pill side effects with people running away from you!

If the pill stock gets over, i will have to get a substitute from the temple pujari..Its a long ride till HiTech city and its pure luck if that would work this time also. I am hoping for the best and setting the alarm clock.


2 Responses to “Grade Pills for Sale!”

  1. Ruchika said

    I like your narration / writing skills. Keep it up!!

  2. Giks said

    I am really happy to note that you find my blog interesting..thanks again!

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