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I like you because

Posted by Girish Krishnan on August 26, 2005

I got a very practical feedback in the LDP class where we were asked to give chits to others saying “i like you because of xyz reasons”. It said that the person liked me because of the totally irrelevant comments i pass in class!! I think that was a very honest opinion and i am very pleased to note that many people like me for various reasons!

I read about Grade non disclosure policy in “I the absolute” and have a pretty practical idea to implement it. Remember, we wrote the Comp Strat exam long time back and still have no clue of what our grades are!! My suggestion : Make all exams open book like CS and give essay type questions for ISB-ians to answer. The TAs will not be seen in public after that and on a very optimistic note, we might end up getting our grades sometime after we graduate from here.. This is called Automatic Implementation of Grade Non Disclosure (AIm-GraND) .

A six year old boy is standing at the seashore and wondering where the sea ends..He is overwhelmed by the amount of water he sees in front of him and is feeling totally overpowered by mother nature..I am that kid and Corp Fin is the sea.


4 Responses to “I like you because”

  1. ankur said

    am glad that the font size has increased

    am glad that you too find corp fin as the sea…


  2. Giks said

    …corrected a few sleepy typos

  3. deep@76 said

    Lots of kids on the beach looking at the sea , you have company dude !!!


  4. Giks said

    yes, guys u r right..i see a lot of company here…many hot babes too 🙂

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