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Angulimaal Point

Posted by Girish Krishnan on August 24, 2005

I think Mr Unpack should start researching on the dunking tradition in ISB and see its analogy with his own discovery – the Angulimaal point!. As A-point is supposed to be the point of your life where your past actions catch up with you, we can immediately spot its similarity with the event of people getting dunked in the pool. Take the case of Dunkee..the poor chap couldn’t go home today because his chappal was near the pool and so he was sitting at a dark corner of the rec center waiting for the dunk-spree to come to a halt. But the process soon reached a tipping point and at the same time his destiny reached the Angulimaal point!. As i walked back from the pool unscathed, shrieks of the poor dunkee again proved to me beyond doubt that one’s past karma could catch up with him in no time at all.

Mr Unpack is going nuts..He stretched the Psychoanalysis of “Satya for Dummies” to more than what section C junta could take. The universal conservation law which states Quantity * Quality = constant in LDP class, held true when yours truly gave vent to his frustration by adding another dimension to the postmortem of the inner self of Bhiku Mhatre and Satya himself. During our long journey through the MBTI spectrum, Mr Unpack had asked us to find reasons to the formation of the seed of friendship between the characters of this movie and this earnest guy pointed out the most insightful by saying that both of them were unshaven, shabby, and wearing old clothes. Prof Chopra had said that we need to seperate simplicity and complexity in real life also and i just followed his advice. We stuff ourselves with lot of complexity that we forget simple observable things which help us to take great decisions. I am happy that at least some people in our class followed suit by giving similar insightful observations that day. After all, people urge you to have your foot firm on the ground even when you are flying high (never mind that no-logic in the analogy!) and i hope that our contribution does the same thing to ISB-ians.

The webfilter in ISB which blocked all “good” sites and prevented the streaming media coming in, created quite some trouble to me. Among all the mails i received, there was one sincere guy who really wanted to have some serious fun. After cribbing one full page, he got enough attention from my side even though the streaming stuff was up at that time. A prompt reply to my consolation mail which said ” Please let me know if there are still some sites which you need to access and i will take it up with the IT” came to me and i was in a fix. The reply mentioned a site name which was so “good and mature” that i can’t put it in here, and my friend urged me to solve his problem (at 5:00PM!) as early as possible. The same guy had shown his penchant to civil silence during the democratic exercise session in our campus and later cribbed that junta discriminated against him because of his silence. Page 88 of the student handbook came in handy to me, and i put a butterfly in his stomach by copying one VP in my reply to him.I added “If you insist, I shall still take this up with the ISB authorities and see if we can do something about it”. The next mail would have gone to Team GSB and that would have been “Apocalypse now” for Mr Cribber, but he has been maintaining calm after that.

I continue to entertain people of my school, the latest act being the usage of the word “funda” in the entrepreneurship class and also the sending of a long number which enables a personal-portable monetary device to the whole student community!. Accidents do happen, but i think the trick lies in our perseverance in recovering from it – this has been my view for a long time now and i am sticking to it this time too!


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