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Om Avaavah!

Posted by Girish Krishnan on August 22, 2005

Well, there is this complaint against me that i pull others legs a lot and that is also the main topic of all these postings. I can’t help it because “choriyal” (itching – irritating etc in mallu) has become my second nature and instances such as what i am going to narrate here just keep happening.

It was avani aavittam day, and for all cross belted isb-ians we had organized a japam session here in the campus. I am not sure if “kaamo kaarshyam” is apt in a B-School, where teachings drive earthlings to strive harder in mortal territory, but on further thoughts it may suit the level 5 leadership gene in some of us. Whatever be the case, we were all very disciplined in waking up a poor chap who had (at a weaker moment in his life) agreed to give his house space for the japams.

The export quality pujari was a multi linguist and just like the “nair shop in mount everest” story, turned out to be a mallu pattar. He was accompanied by his son, who was an embeeyea aspirant and was in a investigative mode from the moment he landed on our campus..i see a future isb-bakra in him but that is what probably helped in bringing the vadhyar to this god forsaken place!

Two people stood out during the whole pooja – my co-basketball player who spent quite a long time in the US, turned up in shorts and was enquiring for the holy thread as soon as he stepped in. Though that was on the top of the agenda for the day, this guy was asking a poonal because he had none to change on the first place! Goals are seldom contained when our players want to score a point and guys reacted strongly by telling him that “dey vadhyar pazhaya poonalellam kudukamaataar” (vadhyar doesn’t give old poonals for temporary wearing)!!

Our friend hogged the spot light again when the “achamanam” was due and the vadhyar had to enact a “News for hearing impaired”, telling him to use the right thumb on the right cheek etc while doing the procedure. He had to be again corrected when he mistook vadhyar’s actions to be a mirror image of what is to be done and was touching the wrong hand at the wrong places!. Illitracy didn’t affect the TFP (Total Factory Productivity – Term 2 economics!) as much as we thought it would, but it was an eye opener to the vadhyar about the GenX ISb-ians!

The cracker came when our Thirunelveli ASA rep, repeated “Avaavaah” in tandem when the vadhyar was actually giving instructions “avaavaah kuladaivangale nanuchukongo” (each of you think of your family gods). His “Avaavaah” followed the mantra rhyming so much that it reverberates in our memories even now.Things went fine after that and we sincerely thank Rajanikanth for organizing the whole stuff for us.

On the previous day, our basketball team made a major comeback into semifinal contention by defeating IIIT in their home court. I was absent in body because of my PAEV class, but my spirit was hovering around the match area — this is some bull%^&* i tell others, the truth is that i am a useless guy who cant bunk classes :-(. Perseverance paid off for us and proved beyond doubt that it is all about fighting hard. We were not as lucky the next day, as we failed to overcome an inspired MGIT in the semis, but i guess we have emerged as a better team from the tournament.


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