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A Goof up and a loss

Posted by Girish Krishnan on August 16, 2005

This day in the history of ISB belongs to me. I made tuesday the 16th of August 2005 a landmarkish day in the saga of CPs of our class; As they say, history repeats time and again and this time it did through me!!.

Section C had witnessed a similar incident in 2004 and this was one of the main stories told by the alums during the orientation. Naturhouse and Entrepreneurship would remain etched in the minds of many ISB-ians because of a seemingly small goof up by this IT Co-ordinator. Well, i believe that there is a time delay between the thought process and the creation of sound from a human body. Usually i dont really bother about this fact in the entrepreneurship class, because here garbled comments are taken in an insightful sense. I continue to keep the faith but the other 84 morons of my class found it outrageously funny when i slipped to saying “mouth to mouth” instead of “word of mouth” while mentioning the modes of publicity.

Well, my credentials in delivering a cracker CP have spread like wild fire after that and all that i can say is that i will try to live upto everyone’s expectations. I got a glimpse of the future demand for my airtime presence when my dosths recommended a unanimous cold call of me to Mr Unpack. I was practising detachment for a change and Spaceman Spiff found it difficult to maneuver his spacecraft when this unexpected alien attack happened. Those sadists again gave out those ugly laughs when i mumbled some rarely known facts about queues and culture..not really sure what Mr Unpack made out of it.

In the post interval section of the day, Hyderabadi Rain god tried his best to stop us from playing basket ball, but fate had a different plan . It gave us home court advantage but we could still not manage a win. The guys gave it all but the last quarter again proved to be decisive in the other teams favour. Victory doesnt come easy, and i am sure we guys will keep on trying.


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