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Saawan mela and a scrapped exam

Posted by Girish Krishnan on August 15, 2005

I am a hopeless Indian citizen..couldn’t even wake up on time for the flag hosting. Why do i set ambitious targets like waking up at 7:30 AM, taking bath, going to temple and then attending the flag hoisting etc etc? It was sheer good luck that i made it to the brushing arena at 11:45 am.
Rain gods justified the mela by sprinkling water on our abode. I was on the receiving side since i had put my clothes to dry and gone to sleep :-(.

The mela had some stupid paintings hung around and some hopeless handcrafts. I am sure the housekeeping staff would fine us if we burn those candles inside the quad. And then there was this fraud parrot and card guy who was sitting there. Curse the guy who brainwashed me into this; the parrot was already tired of picking up cards for the day and it got me the first one from the cage. The predictions for my indeterminate future were done in mystic hindi and i did good to get a translator half way through. General fundae like money will not stay in your hand, u r short tempered etc could be said by anyone to any ISBian. More common sense on the way when he said that there are girls who like me a lot here in ISB and if i want to know more i need to give him five more bucks..Nice try dude..You see a good looking guy and try the most elementary stuff to get money out eh?
More defense mechanisms were in place by prohibiting me from showing my hand to anyone and also warning me not to wear black dress!! The guy doesnt want me to look dashing anymore!

Though i got out of the place before he uttered more of the fateful things, i am just wondering whose name he would have told me over there..Mr Clever guy should have had some names in stock, and in all likelyhood he might have memorized some spouses name..Phew..That was a lucky escape for me!!!

Lot of smoke in the air..The smell mix of roasted chicken, burnt pav-bhaji bread, the need of an LP to optimize the split of dishes for the Rs 60 coupon amount, and an operations “bottleneck” problem where you had to get a sign from a fatso in red shirt to have your coupon accepted in each counter were highlights of the Mela. Sarovar folks– havent you heard of Kanban and Kaizan..pote–customer service anyone?? May be we should arrange a OM training for them too..On further thoughts i am scrapping that idea – remembered that experience is the greatest teacher; I have seen enuff of nidra in OM class to have any sense of optimism left in me!!

More bad news greeted me when our academic boss scrapped the CF paper–now i have to study hard even for the last exam. An increase in uncertainity for a B grade makes it really a stupid situation to be in!!!


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