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Return of the king

Posted by Girish Krishnan on August 14, 2005

My IT gene had switched off for months now. How the hell can a Too-browsy spectacled me wander out of the IT net into the greenery of the wild world? Well it happened and i regret. They teach you some crap about sunk costs in the class. All that i understand is that they are asking you to forget stuff..Lets just follow those rules now.

My resolutions from now on
–> Regularly read some boring articles from the web
–> Blog daily – I am diversifying by blogging frustrations in here – kind of sab ka leta hain and building a knowledge repository in msn 🙂
Todays thoughts
@11 am, hoo i have still not got up.
@12 pm, let me start blogging
@1 pm oh, now there is something called brushing your teeth
@7:30 pm, how to plan and play basket ball?? Our team has never won even a single BB match.Now we are thinking of strategies- pick and roll, back door entry, cutting the zone. According to me the strategy here is to introduce the million dollar question – who can make the pres play??
@1:34 pm..I have outsourced the LDP assignment to my group mates in return for the OM one.Was that a wise decision??


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